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Adoption Application

NOTE: If you are unable to complete the form in one session, please be sure to save your work by going to the bottom of your screen and clicking Finish later.



  • You may think our application and adoption procedures are a bit stringent or lengthy. Please remember that many of these dogs have already been separated from a home, and not always a loving one. We try hard to make the adoptions successful and make the best possible decisions for the dogs. Our adoption process helps to assure us that you are ready for the responsibility and commitment of adopting a beautiful Eskie.
  • After filling out the Adoption Application, it will be reviewed and your vet will be called as a reference. (If you do not have a vet because this is your first pet, please know that this will NOT prevent you from being able to adopt one of our dogs.) After the application review and reference check, you will be contacted by an ERU representative for a short telephone interview and to set up a home visit appointment. We want to see where the Eskie(s) will live, play and exercise.
  • Before releasing a dog to its new "Furever Family", ERU requires that the adoptors sign an Adoption Agreement. This document is a legally binding contract between you and ERU. It confirms that you are aware of the restrictions that ERU places on the disposition of the dog you adopt and the rights to that dog that are reserved by ERU. We strongly recommend that you review the Adoption Agreement before proceeding with the adoption process.
    Click here to review the Adoption Agreement* in a new window.
    Get AdobeĀ® Reader [*NOTE: Adoption Agreement is stored in Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF). Most computers have Adobe® Reader. If you do not, a free copy can be obtained by clicking the logo to the right.]
  • ERU believes there is a home for every dog and we attempt to place the right dog for the right home. When you commit to an adoption, we expect that you will work with your new Eskie during the short adjustment period of the new home experience. We may be able to offer you some suggestions to help you and your new companion through these adjustments or problems. Therefore, ERU requests that periodic follow up calls or mail are made during the first year to assure the happiness and safety of both adopter and Eskie.



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